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The practical aspects of legal stewardship


Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the envoy, mercy to the worlds, and his family and loyal loyal companions, and those who followed them with charity to the Day of Judgment.

God created the male and female spouses, and deposited in each of them what helps him to play his role in this life, in a manner that achieves happiness and bliss in the scorpions, and in some cases lacks the link of the two types, and their cooperation to achieve that end.

This research is a reflection of the above-mentioned fact, entitled "Practical aspects of the legal authority", with the recognition that
However, their application and success in real life requires the cooperation of the spouses in various areas, including men, including women, and some of them share all of them, so that the guardianship Its positive impact on the family and society
To demonstrate this aspect of the subject of stewardship.

The research has been divided into an introduction, three studies and a conclusion as follows