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The methodology of the Qur'anic dialogue as a model for solving the problems of the nation


This study discusses the Qur’anic dialogic approach which established a perfect example to resolve the humanitarian problems through dialogue that took place in it. Today we see a lack of communicative language, including many Muslims to practice the ideal of dialogue that leads to achieve the objectives through language. This study focused on the problem of the absence of a clear hypothesis methodology pave the way for applicability in the Arab language dialogue, in spite of the existence of models that can be taken advantage of theoretical and practical in the language of the Qur’an. The study will depend on the analytical and objective approach. The study aims to reveal more means through the Qur’anic approach, and to solve problems caused by weakness of dialogue and lack of clarity of its methodology, in an attempt to uncover the roots and dimensions of social, intellectual and economic problems faced by the (Ummah) and linked to Qur'an to find appropriate solutions . The originality in this study is the attempt to link the theoretical and practical principles of dialogue to resolve the problems facing the (Ummah). The proposal consists of three sections: First- the rooting of dialogic Qur’anic approach. Second- the objectives of the Qur’anic approach and models. Third- controls on dialogue, according to the Qur’anic principles, and its activation. The results expected, including a statement that the cause of the nation's problems is estrangement from the Qur'anic approach, and that the Quranic dialogue represents the best means to solve problems, and that the Quranic model of dialogue has used the Arabic language in exemplary manner to achieve the purposes of the dialogue, as it represents an ideal approach to solve problems in the life of the (Ummah).