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                         Engku Ahmad Zaki Engku Alwi, Professor Dr                             

                                  Faculty of Contemporary Islamic Studies Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin                                   

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Dr. Mohamed Fathy Mohamed Abdelgelil

Faculty of Contemporary Islamic Studies

Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin


Editorial Board

Prof. Mustafa Al-Mashani / University of Sharjah / Faculty of Sharia / UAE

Prof. Majid Abu Rakhiya / University of Sharjah / Faculty of Sharia / UAE

Prof. Mohammed Al-Omari / Yarmouk University / Faculty of Sharia / Jordan

Prof. Prince of Noura University / Riyadh

Associate Professor Najem Abdulrahman Khalaf / University of Islamic Islamic Sciences Yosem / College of Quran and Sunnah Studies / Malaysia

Associate Professor Mohammed Fawzi bin Mohammed Amin / University of Islamic Sciences Malaysia Yosem / College of Quran and Sunnah Studies / Malaysia

Associate Professor Mohammed Abdulrahman Tawalbeh / Yarmouk University / Faculty of Sharia / Jordan

Associate Professor Dr. Fouad Bounama \ Al Madina International University – Shah Alam \ Faculty of Modern Sciences \ Malaysia



This research contains the sentences of Quran (ayaat) in which the composite numbers were collected. The study included two parts: Part one; including، the definition of miracles، the scientific miracle and its importance. The second part includes the ayaat in which scientific miracle mentioned the composite numbers. The second part can be divided into four parts; firstly، the solar year and the lunar year; secondly، stalking four months and ten days to determine fetal movement; thirdly، thousand years only (minus) fifty years; fourthly، the discovery of building of (Aad). The results show that the modern science has proved the difference between the solar and lunar year and determining the year in the lunar calendar which calculated from the rotation of the moon around the Earth. Modern science of medicine، also proved، after one hundred twenty-six days، the fetal heart begins to pulse and at that time the fetal moves and the doctor can determine the type of fetus (male or female). The ayaat Indicates there are two (stages) periodic، The original (one thousand) and branch (fifty years). In Arabic language، often، the word (year) indicates a difficult time passing on the human، while the word (Annum) indicates to prosperous period pass on human and in Quran، the meaning of (year and Annum) indicates to good and bad.

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