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Associate Professor Mohammed Fawzi bin Mohammed Amin / University of Islamic Sciences Malaysia Yosem / College of Quran and Sunnah Studies / Malaysia

Associate Professor Mohammed Abdulrahman Tawalbeh / Yarmouk University / Faculty of Sharia / Jordan

Associate Professor Dr. Fouad Bounama \ Al Madina International University – Shah Alam \ Faculty of Modern Sciences \ Malaysia

The reality of young people and their aspirations between advocacy and media

Discussion regarding the relationship between da’wah (proselytization) and the media has been an ongoing one for a number of reasons. The advent of digital, visual and audio media has had an impact on the way da’wah is conveyed. Research into this field is significant, especially with regards to the youth as they interact with media on a daily basis.
A message is either accepted or rejected on the basis of how it is being presented. The youth of today are presented with numerous ideological, religious and political information through the media which is why one of the main priorities of Muslim countries is to protect and safeguard their youth from internal and external negative influences. These influences may be ideological or cultural in nature, aimed at shaping ideas and mindsets. It is from this perspective that Muslim countries need to protect their youth from these dangerous concepts and instill within the youth correct the Islamic concepts.
These challenges confirm the need to address these issues within the society firstly, by confronting the ideological challenges head on and secondly making the youth a central focus. The protection of society from corrupt ideas is of importance, as well as presenting the correct message of Islam.
Accordingly, this is issue relating to da’wah and the media of great significance. Presenting the clear, moderate message of Islam and protecting the youth from corrupt cultural influences and ideas should be one of the foundations of any Muslim society.

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