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Journal of Islamic studies and thought for specialized research, a magazine working in the field of intellectual reform and knowledge, as one of the pillars of the project of contemporary Islamic civilization.

The magazine seeks to be a port for scientists, thinkers, researchers and intellectuals to work hard to reform the Islamic thought and methodology at the nation level, exceeding the boundaries of language and region, to serve humanity as a whole in order to achieve the greater goal of promoting the levels of human thought at the global level.

The Journal of Islamic Studies and Thought for Specialized Research aims at providing high-quality scientific research in order to provide an excellent scientific material. It is useful for researchers, intellectuals and specialists to form a scientific reference in the process of achieving our vision. The magazine undertakes to communicate with researchers and writers from different walks of life to promote their research and articles. Including the scientific movement and intellectual efforts in the field of reform and promotion of the system of human thought.


Terrorism has become a danger faces the entire international community. All countries agreed to combat and addressed it. Worldwide researchers have agreed that terrorism is not characterized by religion, colour or nationality. However, many Westerners believe that extremism and terrorism are part and parcel attributes of a Muslim wherever he is.
Accordingly, the research problem in this study is centered on a core question which is: what are the ways to combat the phenomenon of terrorism, which represents a risk to the issue of security in the Muslim world?
The study aims to clarify the concepts of the term terrorism from the perspective of different directions. The current study adopts a descriptive approach by reviewing previous studies relevant.
The study found the most important results which are represented in the intellectual vacuum, wrong understanding of religion and militancy and extremism in religion, as well as the emergence of an extremist religious group within the Muslim community.