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The impact of participation and speculation on raising investment returns in Islamic banks

It has been found that the writings about the idea of Islamic banks focused on one formula for the investment of the money in these banks, it is speculation formula. Another group who has priority in writing about Islamic banks at later stage believed that participation could be one of the investment formulae which these banks must rely on to invest its financial resources. From this, it can be said that the Islamic financing formulas in Islamic banks that were the issue of concern of researchers. In addition to speculation and participation, there are also profits, financial leasing, long term sale, delivery and Istisna’a….. Etc.
If the participation and speculation formulas have represented, in accordance to the previous show, a basic formula for investment of money in Islamic banks. These formulas have received that acceptance and support of those writers based on that they reflect more the nature of the financial model of the Islamic banking and investment system than the rest. This formula which is the participation shows that Islamic bank is not a financial support only for investors, and connects them a relation of debtor and creditor, but the debtor is a partner in the investment operations in all the requirement of the participation concept which includes its elements and the subsequent results of profit or loss.