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(The Holy Quran and its role in the treatment of contemporary social diseases)

The greatest purpose of downloading the Quran is to take people out of the darkness to the light, and may ponder over its Verses and then out of that method of governing human life in all affairs, and the Quran came to this true approach that preserves the society of sensory and moral diseases

In this research: (The Holy Quran and its Role in Treatment of Contemporary Social Diseases)

It will be clear to us how the Quran has surrounded the society with an insurmountable fence of safety for those who took it and walked on its approach, and it also shows the methods and methods indicated by the Holy Quran in the treatment of the diseases of the societies as a whole and in this proof of the validity of the Quran for all times and places

: Search according to the following plan


First  Research: The Holy Quran Method in prevention of contemporary social diseases. It has three requirements

First requirement: prevention of heart diseases

Second requirement : Prevention of crime, cruelty and drugs

Third requirement :Prevention of prohibited transactions and usury (Riba)

Second Research: The Method of the Holy Quran in the recitation of the social diseases and the prevention and warning of them. It included the following two requirements :

First requirement: Warnings of worldly punishments

Second requirement: Warning of hereafter punishments.

Third Research: The Holy Quran Method in Treatment of Social Illnesses in the Light of the Holy Quran. It included the following four requirements:  

First requirement : Opening hope way by repentance and exhortation

Second requirement :  Call to Allah with wisdom and Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice

Third requirement: Treatment by education and good example in Society

Fourth requirement: Treatment by Establishing Legitimate Borders