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The Chinese city of Lancho is of geographic value, civilization and cultural, where the Islamic dimension has had a great impact in the design of the features of the Lancho community, from here Lancho dealt with the Islamic dimension in China: A Study Between Geography and Civilization Lancho city Society as a model. Consequently, the foregoing, the problem of research focuses on a main question: What is the Islamic dimension and its impact on the culture of the Chinese city of Lancho, where the research aims at understanding and understanding the Islamic regional and cultural dimension in the Chinese city of Lancho, also identification the cultural and cultural dimension of the Chinese city of Lancho, and stand after the Islamic culture in the community of the Chinese city of Lancho, The research follows the analytical descriptive approach, which is based on the description and analysis of the Islamic dimension and its impact on the culture of the Chinese city of Lancho, and to the most important findings of the research.

Where the study confirmed that the levels achieved in the city of Lancho   is very satisfactory in various fields, especially the high level of educational and cultural based on Islamic foundations, which contributed greatly to the development of the society of the city of Lancho  China, and the study showed that there is a clear contribution to the great geographical and cultural dimension of Islamic culture, The impact of the development of societies in general and the community of the city of Lancho  in particular.

Keywords: (The dimension- Islamic culture- Geography- The history- Civilization- Chinese Lancho City Society)