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Through this research, I will present Qur’anic Methodology of interpreting dreams.

First: Research Methodology:

I will adopt the analytical methodology in all the verses of the Holy Qur’an which are about dream interpretation, and then I deduct the Qur’anic methodology, indications and guidances in the light of scholars and interpreters’ statements. Finally, the verses will be classified into introduction and two sections.  

Second, Research Proposal

The research proposal consists of an introduction, two sections, a conclusion and indexes.

In the introduction, I mentioned the following:

Researching the interpretations of dreams requires a strenuous efforts in exploring what is included in the contents of dreams so that decoding their indications can be possible. There are three types of knowledge which dream analyzers have to be excellent in.

As to the sections, I have divided them as follows:

The first section: Indications of dream interpretation from the Holy Qur’an supported with examples. It contains two issues:



First issue: Indications of dream interpretation from the Holy Qur’an supported with examples.

Second issue: Dream interpretation between physiognomy and study

The second section: Qur’anic Methodology in interpreting dreams. It contains two issues:

First issue: Extrovert Interpretation Approach

Second issue: Symbolic Interpretation Approach

Conclusion: I mentioned the most important results I reached at in this research.


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