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The economic and commercial life and traditional industries for Shahran tribe in the books of Islamic heritage

         Shahran region is considered to be an important passage for one of the oldest commercial roads that used to pass through the region. The road continued to be important in the early and intermediate Islamic ages. This road is called Haj Yemeni road, it passes through the region of Shahran – south to Yari and Peshah north. It is considered a main artery for transportation. Moreover, it was used by Abraha Al-Habashi during his invasion of Mecca in 571 AD. This road gained great important role and spread of many economic aspects in the Shahran region like collection, capture, fishing, grazing, agriculture and some traditional industries and crafts; then trading and related thereto. The study will show a simplified view of Shahran region, agriculture and traditional industries of the Shahran tribe. In this study, the study used the analytical descriptive method. The researcher revealed that the region was an important transit point for trade through the above-mentioned road and had many crafts and industries. It is self-sustaining because of the small population and availability of raw materials, the cooperation of tribal members to carry out their main tasks, and the adaptation of the local environment in their own interests.

Keywords: Shahran region, economic life, commercial aspects, traditional industries