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Journal of Islamic studies and thought for specialized research, a magazine working in the field of intellectual reform and knowledge, as one of the pillars of the project of contemporary Islamic civilization.

The magazine seeks to be a port for scientists, thinkers, researchers and intellectuals to work hard to reform the Islamic thought and methodology at the nation level, exceeding the boundaries of language and region, to serve humanity as a whole in order to achieve the greater goal of promoting the levels of human thought at the global level.

The Journal of Islamic Studies and Thought for Specialized Research aims at providing high-quality scientific research in order to provide an excellent scientific material. It is useful for researchers, intellectuals and specialists to form a scientific reference in the process of achieving our vision. The magazine undertakes to communicate with researchers and writers from different walks of life to promote their research and articles. Including the scientific movement and intellectual efforts in the field of reform and promotion of the system of human thought.

Al - Lahouh Al - Mahfouz Study of Contractual

The Saved Board ( Kept Book), is that the book has been created by God (ALLAH) and for this creation to this book and to believe in it is an absolutely a great wisdoms: one of these is to indicate to the greatness of ALLAH and His knowing and His dominance, ability and conservation and the perfection of His creation and management as well. And the saved Board is created by ALLAH but it is beyond of our vision and ability. God has not created it for nothing but for a wisdom and it is prescience that ALLAH has captured it with His knowledge and enough for us to know it by its surface face not go deeper in meaning and not to know much details about it because ALLAH has built up His worshipers thins to know the glory of His creations rather than the details.

Keywords: shahran region, economic life, commercial aspects, traditional industries