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Prof. Prince of Noura University / Riyadh

Associate Professor Najem Abdulrahman Khalaf / University of Islamic Islamic Sciences Yosem / College of Quran and Sunnah Studies / Malaysia

Associate Professor Mohammed Fawzi bin Mohammed Amin / University of Islamic Sciences Malaysia Yosem / College of Quran and Sunnah Studies / Malaysia

Associate Professor Mohammed Abdulrahman Tawalbeh / Yarmouk University / Faculty of Sharia / Jordan

Associate Professor Dr. Fouad Bounama \ Al Madina International University – Shah Alam \ Faculty of Modern Sciences \ Malaysia

(Scientific and scientific view of the concept of dead animal in the light of Surat Al-Maida) comparative study

There is nothing in our life which is more valuable than good health. Without health there is no happiness, no peace and no success. The holy Quran brought Islam for life and religion together, as it set up a lot of system for governace along with  a unique method to protect humnan health in general, it contains a lot of instrcation for protection like: body health, mental helath and health manars.

Today modern science and scientific experments proof that dead animals are contamination with bacteria and microorgainsim that can destroy human health, mean while, scientific studies have been focusing on the term (dead animals) and what are the scientific proofs that can cause many uncountable diseases, in case a human ate a piece of meat coming from a dead animal contamination with microbial infection.

The research depends on the combination of two methods ( curriculum   and experimental descriptive), also it has many sections (introduction, two different parts, first part is the definition of dead and then types of dead and finally preventive medicine in the dead between holy Quran and the modern medicine, and the conclusion).The research reached to a ponit that holy Quran gave us the key of knowledge in many different scientific issue, Holy Quran has first lead in maintaining human health as we can call it (Quranic preventive medicine).                 

Keywords: Holy Quran, preventive medicine, preventive medicine, modern medicine, bactreria.

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