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It appears to those who follow the side of crimes and punishments in the people of Al-Jahiliyyah find that they did not have an organized judicial system, they were controlling the tribal leader who represents the government and power, and was governed by the custom without being associated with a system or legislation or law, and that the arbitration was known in ignorance. The researcher focused on this study that Islam came to beautify the arbitration and called it, and made it a stage to be invoked by the judge or entrusted to opponents to resolve disputes, and put a system to control it. One of the punishments that came out of the pre-Islamic Sharia is punishment: establishing the borders against the perpetrators, from cutting off the hand of the thief, the crucifixion of the road cutter, and the punishment of punishment and other borders. The scholars of this study relied on the method of historical induction. One of the most important results of this article is that Islam came to some of the works of ignorance in terms of what is praised by them, and what was familiar and soon acceptable reasonable and the rest of them had the laws of the prophets before them, they were called from that side and called to it.

Keywords: Jobs, Al- Jahiliyyah, Crimes, Punishments, Acknowledgment, Islam, Refinement