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Associate Professor Dr. Fouad Bounama \ Al Madina International University – Shah Alam \ Faculty of Modern Sciences \ Malaysia

Acts of AL- Jahiliyyah related to the transactions which Islam has recognized and refined

Who studied the works of the pre-Islamic Al-Jahiliyyah, he will find that they had no learned sciences but were illiterate because of their instability. But the open nature in their hands gave them the innate mind. They knew the stars, their positions, the angles, and some simple medicine. They were intelligent and knowledgeable. The article on the exchange of money in which the people of ignorance treated and not created by Islam, but the people themselves have pictures of financial transactions as it is located in the Arab pre-Islamic, and the methodology of this article will be a method of analysis and criticism, To historical data collection. This article aims at the position of Islam as the position of a polite, reformed critic. What he saw as an interest in keeping him, and what he saw as harm or harm or contrary to the legitimate interest of preventing and depriving him, was one of the most important results of this article: The Jahiliyyah defined financial transactions and contracts as other societies, and that their treatment was laws that were not issued by a legislative authority but were customs and customs they took from the countries that lived next to them such as Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

Keywords: Jobs, Al-Jahiliyyah, Transactions, Acknowledgment, Islam, Refinement

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