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Digital transformation and its impact on the professional competencies of senior administrative leaders, Sultanate of Oman: Model

A few years ago, the world witnessed a tremendous development in the digital information systems at various levels, which requires their introduction, use and application in the governmental administrative bodies in the Arab countries, which is one of the core resources of these devices and their strategic weapon in dealing with the current conditions of rapid change with The intensification of competition not only at the local level, but also at the international level, so that these devices can overcome all the obstacles of routine in terms of twinning with the nature of the era and the shift to digital technologies to save time and effort and work to enhance performance and The efficiency of the professional.

            The present article focuses on the study and knowledge of the impact of digital transformation in the professional competence of senior administrative leaders. As the originality of the current issue in being one of the most thorny and innovative topics, which many countries stressed the need to activate in all institutions to overcome the professional problems faced by employees in state institutions and facilitate dealing and save time and effort and organization of work, so it had to be highlighted .

Keywords: Digital transformation, professional competencies, Senior Administrative Leaders.