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Gift is one of the things that Rasululah (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) urges through his sayings and actions، which also has tremendous positive effects on Individuals and nation at large. More so، gift has some special jurisprudential rulings that has to do with its worth،acceptance ،rejection or similar things. And as beneficial as it might be، presenting it to some individuals can be prohibited. Likewise accepting it from some، and here lies the problem of the research .Also manifesting the tradition of Rasululah (SAW) in what are acceptable and prohibited concerning gifts will lead Muslim nation to have a better understanding of what is expected of a Muslim، as well as comprehending the reasons that lead to strength، love ،unity and social cohesion ،in which lies the importance of the research which will lead to addressing one of the problems of dispersion among the Muslim community that can be solved via building bonds that will strengthen love and brotherhood through discussion of the merits of gift،how Rasululah and the predecessors dealt with it، its rulings ،etiquette، and its positive outcomes. Therefore، analytical methods is what I applied in this research by studying the texts through the discussions of the early scholars and pointing out whatever lessons I ended up coming out with such as the following, There among the companions of the prophet those who use to compete with gifting Rasululah as a result of their strong love for him .Part of the rulings of gifts that is specific to only Rasululah is that he accept and eat from gift but not from charity ،which proves his prophethood and message.The workers and employees that are being employed by the leader to be in charge of an affair are not allowed to accept gifts، and this also include the judges. This is because gifting them can result into injustice by receiving a bribe which is forbidden. A gift presented for the sake of intercession can be haram if the intercession is an obligatory one such as freeing the oppressed from the hand of the oppressor through the leader of the state.

Keywords: Gift, Sunnah (tradition of Prophet Muhammad), rulings, benefits, endowment.