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The topic of (Divine Promises in the Holy Qur’an) prompted me to delve into the depths of the Qur’an verses, whether they are promises of good or evil to the believers in henna, to the hypocrites, and to the infidels in hell. In general, highlighting the two elements of reward and punishment according to the work of man and his motivation for good deeds and abandoning invalid work. The objective methodology has been used to explain to man the divine promises of good and evil to the believers, the unbelievers and the hypocrites through Qur’anic examples, and thus led to the following conclusions: The divine promises to man come in the meaning of good Or evil, and some of them combined the two matters, as well as God’s promises that he will triumph who deserves victory and does not deserve it. Victory is conditional on the victory of God’s religion, following his methods and teachings, and exalting his word in good and bad times, as well as divine promises to believers in succession on earth and is conditional on faith, good deeds, monotheism and devotion to worship. It is not limited to a place or time, so whenever the conditions are fulfilled, it is worthy of succession, and that the best promises of God to the believers are His pleasure, forgiveness of sins and consideration To his honorable face, as for the divine promises to the unbelievers, the hypocrites, and the deniers on the Day of Resurrection and Resurrection, they came in response to the deniers of the promises of God through the messengers and prophets to warn them of destruction and misfortune and the fire of Hell, in which they will abide forever.

Keywords: Divine promises, promises to believers, promises to unbelievers